Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kristen - Community Of Leadership Values

One way to get into this that I thought of is to do a Red-Yellow-Green assessement of our community values frrom the point of view of our leadership:

Passionate Connection: Green

Others-Focussed: Yellow - we do this well in the financial and material possessions areas, but I'm not so sure about the time - at least from a consistency or time management point of view. I'm seeing "yellow" as room for improvement rather than "bad".

Authentic Community: I lean towards a "red" here - we do a good job of preaching it to the community, but I heard people at the retreat expressing a view of not really wanting to do community within the leadership team! ie take meal times out, make social get togethers "optional" etc. I think we need to have a plan for community-building.

Holistic Expression - Green

Empowering Discipleship - Green

Relevant Creativity - Green, although do we apply creativity as well in our leadership as we do in other areas? Do we use our creativity to solve problems?

Vision-Driven - Yellow - I think we need to learn to listen better to the vision of each other's ministries - a win for you is a win for me. But also to line up with the vision of the church - maybe this is where putting aside our functional hats will help us? I was definitely convicted of that at the retreat.

Servant Influence - Green

In the last couple of weeks I've been learning that in my ministry I have to hold it in an open hand - I can't hold it tightly and clutch it to myself - if I do it is me making it happen rather than waiting on God to do something extraordinary. I believe that God does have something extraordinary for 2007 and we need to be open-handed and open-hearted and whole-hearted to see what that will become.


Blogger a cession-ite said...

Challenging reflections! I liked the way you used the Green-Yellow-Red tool on our community values. We should do this from time to time as a group.

There is an irony with the whole community value - are we too focused on the task to make time for community or are we somehow creating a false duality: this is ministry; this is community - shouldn't one flow from the other? Thats how we got started in this whole thing.

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Blogger DefSol said...

I don't think that community is mutually exclusive of the meeting time. Thus when we leave after a meeting and forgoing the meal does this mean we don't do community?

Do we measure this by the times we don't follow a meeting with shared time? Just because we don't do this, in my opinion does not mean we are not acting this virtue.

If I were to look at all the possible times where this virtue is acted out, I would say we're doing well. Also is "community time" only limited to face to face time? I would suggest this blog is a mechanism that fufills this virtue.

With the things we get up to in core meetings, I'm more than certin the community quota gets filled regardless of where we are for lunch afterwards...

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