Monday, November 20, 2006

Yo yo yo peoples.

It's my first time blogging. EVER. I vowed to myself to never do this, but just because it's "homework"........

I haven't done long lists as you guys have got so many good ideas already down. So to begin.....ditto!

A fantastic Pastor and Ass Pastor who compliment each other and both give so much.
A committed group of leaders.
People within cession working in community facing jobs: Frank (Life FM), Scott & Greg (1914 Media), Juanita and Katie (PSI), Megan (Respite Home).....list not exhaustive!
Impletementing systems to make things work. Depot move went really well because of this.

Calander awareness as a leadership team.

The depot being available on Friday nights.
Neighbouring Churches. (HCC, Trinity)

Energy levels, draining or burnout of highly involved community members.
Neighbouring Churches.

Love your work


Anonymous Anonymous said...

are neighbouring churches necessarily a threat? If so, how?

6:49 PM  

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