Monday, November 20, 2006

cession SWOT - Melva


3 Pastors and great leaders/talented congregation.
Can be a weakness also that everyone is doing alot, especially towards Sunday services.
Deliver/involved in courses that are fundamentals of life e.g. Money, Marriage, Parenting
Great planning of serieses -creative communication/tech stuff
Giving community


Venue reverb/temperature
Cells not expanding - growth may be happening on personal level but not many new people coming through that avenue. Cell co-ordinator (me!) probably needs to be replaced given the above, and new baby taking all available energy!
People becoming members at cession don't seem to be expanding much.
Lots of kids in same age range who are in the toddler learning boundaries stage and can be a handful for 1-2leaders! - especially in the rooms available that have things they're not allowed to touch (perhaps need younger children in creche style format vs sunday school lesson?)Budget stresses


More relationship with Depot e.g. mentoring in Lifeboyz or something like that - they are our 'neighbour' that we need to love.
Pakuranga College also is a great opportunity for relationship


No older people in the church (I miss that - mentoring/Grandparent types)
Burnout of people who are doing lots


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is the "lots of kids" a strength or a weakness?! I'd call it a strength. Maybe the weakeness is:

Insufficient staff to manage growth of children's ministry

What do you think?

6:55 PM  

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