Monday, January 22, 2007

cession|community Values

1. Passionate Connection
We thirst for passionate connection with God individually and as a community of worshippers. We strive to draw others into that connection.

2. Others Focused
We believe that one of the great challenges of the human condition is to get past a focus on ourselves. So, we’re learning to put others first in the way we use our time, financial resources and material possessions.

3. Authentic Community
We choose to live life together in authentic community that engages deeply, responds instinctively and supports freely. We long to be a haven for “lost souls” where people of diverse backgrounds and experiences can relate with integrity, authenticity and compassion.

4. Holistic Expression
We believe that learning to follow Jesus Christ is a whole of life activity that expresses itself in a lifestyle of worship. We acknowledge the choice to follow Jesus is often a process of progressive surrender and that this dynamic typifies our ongoing following of Him.

5. Empowering Discipleship
We strive to equip people to live vital, dynamic expressions of their faith in Jesus Christ. We affirm the uniqueness of every Christ-follower and the gifts and passions they bring to the life of the community

6. Biblically Grounded
We hold scripture as God’s revelation of truth and seek to develop individual and community world views that are firmly grounded in scripture. We strive to be faithful reflections of God’s truth and to positively influence the world around us.

7. Relevant Creativity
We seek to encourage creativity and engage culture as a medium for the expression and discovery of truth without being captured ourselves by culture.

8. Vision Driven
We believe God has called us to be a faith community that encourages opportunities for people to encounter truth. We strive to play our part in that by reflecting and offering Jesus Christ to others. We organise our community activity and life in support of this vision.

9. Servant Influence
We desire to be a movement of influence that serves others through resource sharing, leadership development and church planting.


Blogger DefSol said...

Ever thought we have 2 many values which allow the peeps to pick n choose which values they fit?

I might be just plain old but remember values, or more precisely the actions of those values is hard for me. How does one act this when one cannot remember...

Too many values diffuse the light.

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