Wednesday, November 22, 2006

SWOT - Kristen Jones


- Kids Encounter - a kickass programme! Innovative, high quality and committed teachers

- 3-4 people on staff - amazing provision for our size
- Depot a big plus this year with more possibilities for next year - somewhere to call our own and has brought us together as a community
- Young families
- Many servant-hearted people who give their guts


- Age profile - could do with some depth

- Financial profile our core people - younger, many sin gle income families
- Current stretch of volunteers who are serving (not everyone is)


- Depot as a base for families outreach eg M&M's, Easter Egg hunt at Lloyd Elsmore!

- Young Life partnership 0 big opportunity in '06 - opportunity to reach youth in our area
- Sports clubs nearby - whole Lloyd Elsmore park complex
- Prospective church planters


- Couldn't think of any specifics


Blogger BJ said...

What are the barriers to volunteers getting more involved?

7:18 PM  

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