Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The cessioncollision SWOT Analysis


Rhett & Katie as “called” Youth specialists with 1-2 days (each) “voluntary” ministry time to give in 2007;
Relationships with our small core of youth have been significantly strengthened this year in an environment of informal, trusting communication;
The Depot as a non-church building, positioned adjacent to Highland park and Pakuranga College;
Multi-media elements and rock band format in service have the potential to engage youth – contemplative, kinaesthetic elements also seem to engage;
Youth are able to participate in the life of the church and in particular access service opportunities without distinctions being made
Jeremy Le Comte’s role as a part time student counsellor at Pakuranga College


Absence of a clear sense of direction – too much week-to-week focus;
The size of the group currently makes momentum more difficult to encourage and limits the unchurched relational circle that we can touch;
Aspects of our service may be less engaging eg. Music tends to be over contemplative;
Mentoring and intentional spiritual formation has not occurred as intentionally as we planned;
Our leadership processes are not adding momentum and consistency to leadership and ministry development;


Young Life partnership offers proximity to unchurched youth and potentially a salaried community youth ministry opportunity;
Highland Park offers an incarnational mission field;
Relationship with the Depot tenants with youth emphasis – Lifeboyz & secondary school programmes


There are churches in our area who will “pitch” for youth currently attending other churches;
Other lifestyle options in the formative years


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see the SWOT. I think you left out the value of the multi qualified overall leader (BJ) in the “Strengths” column.

A thought: To coalesce and galvanise the youth, and attain the goals, what about a really challenging task that requires mass participation? Like breaking a world record in something!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find something fulfilling your goals and acceptably challenging to the youth?

By the way, the world tiramisu record is only 216kg – about the size of one and a half front rankers.

To play out this fantasy further, you could arrange for the ingredients/material to be donated and sell the proceeds for a charitable cause at a public and publicised event. It would take major planning, encourage teamwork, add skills, expose the youth to problems of planning, leadership, organising, control, logistics, marketing, publicity, ethics and governance to name a few. You may get a kick out of revisiting PERT, GANT, CPM and Kaizen and of mixing Mathew, Mark, Luke and John with Porter, Drucker, Peters and Taylor.

10:39 AM  
Blogger BJ said...

NB This is our youth ministry SWOT

11:55 AM  
Blogger Melva said...

Agree on strengths of youth area. I'm not sure what 'over contemplative' means re worship though.

12:37 PM  
Blogger BJ said...

some of the feedback from youth aged people was that while they don't mind the contemplative songs, they would love to see more songs with energy

overall the service was felt to be an asset as a largely youth-accessible adult service (and I think was something in the strengths that also reflected this)

6:35 PM  

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