Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cession SWOT – Steve Goble


A more permanent identity at The Depot.

A small close-knit community where "everyone knows each other"

Food before the service – people are at their most happy and relaxed after eating, as well as on time! This is a great tangible thing that, as far as I know, only Cession church has.

Relevant sermons

Sermons that ask questions rather than preaching answers

Short worship time

Sense of fun – easy to invite others

Cake and coffee after the service

Willingness to ask tough questions and listen to different opinions

Recognition of teaching context (destructive extremes avoided)

Friendly people

Service duration

Fresh response opportunities

Flexibility with service format (eg Taize service)


Small congregation cannot sustain many people leaving

Sermons still a bit too long

Chairs are hard

Community meal is some weeks more of a snack (eg hotdogs)

Projector screen is almost impossible to see during daylight

Sometimes hard-to-fathom connection between sketches/movie clips and topic

Helpers may feel depended upon and unable to quit

"Cession" is an unfamiliar word, and therefore hard to remember.

The label "Cession / ..." is also confusing. There, I've said it. :))


Establishing brand-awareness of Cession as "THE LOCAL CHURCH" among local unchurched residents (we’re a creative lot – we can come up with a fun bi-monthly newsletter including service times)

Lloyd-Elsmore is a great location to organise activities (Picnic, sports, games, swimming etc.) It’s a huge advantage that most churches don’t have. Hosting a sports afternoon one Sunday and inviting Christians and non-Christians would give many a positive awareness of both who we are and where we are.

Find some way of serving local residents that they will remember and associate us with, eg (a cheaper example is needed I know) offering them a free smoke alarm


Introversion – other local churches do exist and where appropriate we should lead by example and help publicise stuff that they’ve invited the public to, eg a concert

So much creativity for such a small audience will probably burn itself out of ideas and enthusiasm in a couple of years.